The Family Photo Cloud

Our Mission:

Preserve family photos and videos forever

• Do we have a coherent idea of our ancestors' life several generations ago?
Unfortunately, we don't have many specific details, but our parents have a lot of old family photos that provide valuable insight. These photos can share a lot about our family history.

• How can future generations learn about significant events in our lives?
Well, we tend to accumulate many photos and videos featuring us and our loved ones. Imagine instantly creating a family tree using the most significant images, accompanied by short but fascinating stories.
This would undoubtedly make for a compelling family history that our future generations would cherish. For instance, a teenager could feel a sense of belonging and pride in knowing their blood ancestors, who were once young and accomplished great things in life.

• And what would senior people love to do in their free time?
Indeed, they would be delighted to establish and uphold a family photo collection.

As you can tell from the name, PHOREVER stands for family photos and videos preserved forever. Its goal is to capture and showcase our timeless personalities for future generations to appreciate to the best of their ability.

To make this possible, we develop a PHOREVER Family Cloud аs a Two River Foundation charitable initiative.

Mission impossible with existing photo vaults:

Google? Apple? Dropbox? Not for families.

Photo vaults like Google, Apple, or Dropbox prioritize the needs of individual users rather than preserving a long-lasting photo archive for families. On the other hand, heritage sites don't offer storage and options for photos and videos:

  1. Ads dominance:
    Tech giants such as Google, Apple, and Dropbox make money through ads and direct sales, so you may see ads while using their photo storage services.

  2. No privacy:
    Tech giants are not primarily focused on photo storage, meaning they may use your personal data, including photos and videos, for business purposes.

  3. No family timeline:
    When sharing photos and videos with family members, the order in which they appear is not visibly organized chronologically.

  4. No family tree:
    Photo vaults don't create family trees from saved photos and videos; heritage sites make users do it themselves.

  5. No editing collaboration:
    It is currently impossible to invite a family member to assist you in adding a caption and description to a photo or video you posted.

  6. No story told:
    A mere assemblage of photos and videos does not convey a coherent narrative about our lives to future generations, rendering such a collection unremarkable to them.

  7. No control inheritance:
    Designating an heir to take over your photo vault is impossible.

How do we address the challenge:

PHOREVER Family Cloud fills the gaps by providing the functionality to work with family photo archives.

1. The PHOREVER Family Cloud is designed for families, not individuals.

2. To create a PHOREVER account, any family member can initiate the process and invite all other members to join.

3. PHOREVER does not require you to purchase storage space. Instead, each family member can connect their existing photo vault from Google, Apple, or Dropbox.

4. Family members can choose essential photos and videos from their proprietary collections to showcase on the Family Timeline. Descriptive captions can accompany these selections.

5. The PHOREVER mobile app allows printed photos to be digitized easily.

6. If a contributor is uncertain about the content of a particular photo or video, they can ask for help from a family member, such as a parent.

7. When a family member recognizes the relationships between people in photos, our system automatically creates a family tree by gathering all the shared photos and videos. The result is a precious collection of visual memories stored in the family tree.

8. It's common to see a resemblance between ourselves and our forefathers in old pictures. Just think about how your future great-grandson might feel when looking at a photo of you. He would likely be curious to know more about you and your life story.
With PHOREVER AI, all he has to do is ask, and he'll be taken on a captivating journey through your life, complete with photos and videos.

9. If the account initiator cannot continue their duties, they can appoint an heir to take over account management. This ensures that the family history showcased in the account is preserved and passed down seamlessly through generations.

10. Each family member can create their proprietary account and inherit all the relevant photos, videos, captions, descriptions, and family tree structure.

Lifetime Guarantee:

How dare we choose such an ambitious name for our platform: PHOREVER?

Although nothing is permanent in this world, we can ensure that your family photos remain intact and structured as long as personal computers and the Internet continue to exist in some form.

First, in your PHOREVER account, you can easily back up all of your family photos and videos, along with their corresponding timeline, captions, descriptions, and family tree, from Google, Apple, or Dropbox directly to your personal computer with just one click.

Secondly, our platform is built using open-source software products. We offer our Lifetime subscribers a free installation package with source codes and licenses.

Thus, in the unlikely event that your current photo storage provider, such as Google or even us, becomes unavailable, you can restore your precious family photos and video archive to any available hosting platform with the assistance of a computer specialist.

Note: When we say "lifetime," we refer to the lifespan of your family, which is considered eternal.

P H O R E V E R  proceeds go to charity:

The PHOREVER Family Cloud is being developed as a Two River Foundation charitable initiative.
All proceeds, except for the third-party software licensing and maintenance costs, support humanitarian volunteers worldwide.



Per month

  • Unlimited photos and videos
  • For the whole family


Per year

  • Unlimited photos and videos
  • For the whole family


One time

  • Unlimited photos and videos
  • For the whole family

We need your support to develop PHOREVER Family Cloud and safeguard our family photo archives for eternity.
Please help our team of volunteers to devote more time to this task.

Donate $49.99 today and receive a Free Lifetime Subscription worth $499.

About us:

  • PHOREVER is brought to you as a charity initiative of top software engineers from New York.